Steel Boots and Shoes for Funs of Punk Rock and Metal Music

We have these street footwear in three main categories. In the first department of STEEL SHOES you will find up to 18 models of Steel shoes, 3 eyelets and 4 eyelets in various colors such as black, green and many others.
You will find more Steel metal boots by clicking on the STEEL BOOTS department, where you can choose the Ranger Steel 6-eyelets, 8-eyelets and 10-eyelets boots. And finally Steel's high punk and rock boots in the STEEL HIGH BOOTS folder. Here you will find your rangers in various colors, 15 eyelets and 20 eyelets with a zipper and buckles.

STEEL Shoes&Boots - The only steel toe cap boots in more than 23 colours for punk and gothic fashion. New buckles and Zip models. These rock and punk boots are perfect for underground street footwear and alternative music festivals.

WINTER MODELS STEEL will definitely please you for the winter season. The most popular are black 10 eyelets Steel Boots, insulated from the inside with natural sheep fur with a quality zipper. They warm up perfectly and are comfortable to wear. We have a wide range of Steel accessories ready for all models of Steel Boots. From laces through socks and creams for proper shoe care to original Steel T-shirts. You can find these items with us in a special part of the STEEL ACCESSORIES shop.

Our company STEEL Shoes&Boots has been distributing Steel Boots for more than 20 years. We have more than 5000 pairs of shoes and boots in stock and you can order any of the Steel models that you find in our store immediately and we will deliver them to you the next day. With us, you don't have to wait long for the products to be available; everything on the website is really in stock. Immediate availability of Steel Boots is ensured mainly thanks to the fact that we deliver them all over the world and ship dozens of pairs to metal, punk and rock music fans daily, not only in Europe. We only sell Steel Boots, so every color and every model is in stock in sufficient quantities. All Boots have a steel toe and come in many color variations. We offer 3 eyelets, 4 eyelets, 6 eyelets, 8 eyelets, 10 eyelets, 15 eyelets, 20 eyelets Steel models. We also offer winter models with inner sheep wool insulation. Here you will find many offers of Steel Boots at reduced prices as well as original Steel accessories.

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